Andrew Huster

Andrew Huster


Automated Driving Engineer Detroit, MI

About Me

I am an electrical engineer with more than three years of professional experience and seven years of academic experience in automotive engineering, primarily in the spaces of automated driving and active safety systems (i.e. ADAS), and hybrid and electrified vehicles.

Work Experience

  1. Lane Localization Controls System Engineer


    General Motors Milford, MI

    • Maintained and developed software components that provide localization information from the highly detailed map to the automated driving algorithm of Super Cruise level 2 self-driving system.
    • Worked with subsystem engineers, calibrators, and program team to develop and validate active safety software.
    • Developed and validated software in C and C++.
    • Developed software component unit and integration tests in Google Test.
    • Contributed to development of software component simulator/playback tool.
    • Peer reviewed team members’ software components.
  2. Feature Integration Engineer

    General Motors Milford, MI

    • Collaborated with design and validation engineers to integrate active safety features into world-class vehicles.
    • Calibrated, tested, and refined active safety features to ensure integration and performance meets requirements and customer expectations.
  3. Park Assist Intern

    General Motors Warren, MI

    • Monitored warranty claims on Park Assist systems installed on vehicles with less than six months in service.
    • Reported on and reviewed warranty issues with Design Release Engineers and Supplier Residents to understand new and ongoing issues.
    • Developed database to store warranty claim with relevant information on root causes for analysis and correlation.
  4. Powertrain Controls Research & Advanced Engineering Intern

    Ford Motor Company Dearborn, MI

    • Designed, built, verified, and validated electrical load tray for HIL system load simulation.
    • Developed new method of PFI injector measurement for HIL systems, saving company thousands of dollars.
    • Assisted in setup, commissioning, and troubleshooting of new HIL system
  5. Hardware Engineering Intern

    dSPACE Wixom, MI

    • Refine and improve Hardware-in-the-Loop autotester validation program, written in Python and AutomationDesk
    • Validate and troubleshoot signal conditioning boards
  6. Applications Engineering Intern

    dSPACE Wixom, MI

    • Work with MATLAB, Simulink, and internal products to design instrument control interface between Hardware-in-the-Loop simulator hardware and GNSS simulator
    • Analyze TCP/IP communication of instrument over Ethernet with Wireshark
    • Assist in construction, testing, and validation of Hardware-in-the-Loop simulator systems.

Project Experience

  1. Team Leader - Year 3

    OSU EcoCAR 3 Columbus, OH

    Led team of 40-50 undergraduate and graduate students to transform a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro into a performance hybrid vehicle as part of a four year intercollegiate competition. Managed design, development, cost, timing and execution of all projects on the vehicle. Set performance metrics and required specifications, and managed testing and validation to meet those metrics.

    The OSU EcoCAR team won all four years of the EcoCAR 3 competition.

  2. Innovation and Electrical Team Leader

    OSU EcoCAR 3 Columbus, OH

    • Manage the electrical team (5-10 students) in designing and integrating the electrical system of a performance hybrid vehicle.
    • Design, integrate, and validate an 18.9 kWh Li-ion rechargeable energy storage system for the vehicle.
    • Design and integrate low and high voltage vehicle wiring harnesses.
    • Work with mechanical team to integrate required electronic devices and sensors into the vehicle.
    • Design Controller Area Network topology and architecture and integrate and test the physical layer into the vehicle.
    • Manage the Innovation team, charged with developing a unique concept outside of the normal scope of the competition.
    • Develop concept for Driver Recommendation for Increased Vehicle Efficiency (DRIVE), a navigational system providing feedback to the driver to aid in fuel-efficient driving, and optimize the hybrid energy management strategy along the route.
    • Develop concept for an active stereo vision system.
  3. Electrical Team Leader

    OSU EcoCAR 2 Columbus, OH

  4. Electrical Team Member

    OSU EcoCAR 2 Columbus, OH



  • Automated driving
  • CAN
  • Active safety features
  • Feature integration
  • Controls development
  • Calibration
  • xIL testing
  • Vehicle testing

Languages and Software

  • C
  • C++
  • Python
  • Simulink
  • Git
  • Gerrit
  • Rational Team Concert
  • Vector CANoe
  • C#
  • dSPACE
  • OpenCV